As in with any important event, a little bit of planning goes a long way for a successful day. To that end, we developed a guide filled with tips and tools to help you to reach your goal.

Before you start…

Whether it’s your first or your tenth Day for Leucan, we’d like to remind you of some of the basics of collecting donations for Leucan.

How can I collect donations for My Day for Leucan?
  • Online, through the fundraising page (recommended): After finalizing your registration on My Day for Leucan, a secure Web page for collecting donations will automatically be created to begin your fundraising. You will receive an e-mail with the link to the page, which you can then personalize and easily share with your friends and family. When someone makes a donation on your page, a tax receipt will automatically be e-mailed to them. So there’s no need to fill out a donation form.
  • Cash or cheque: Although online fundraising is recommended, it is possible to collect donations by cash or cheque. If you collect donations this way, you must not make an online donation to give the money. This would contravene the Income Tax Act, as you would receive a tax receipt in your name rather than in the name of your donors. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations of $20 or more, or upon request.
What is the donation form?

When collecting donations in cash or by cheque, you need to fill in a donation collection form to identify all donors, note their contact details so that we can send them a tax receipt.

Are all donors to my fundraising campaign entitled to a tax receipt? 

All individuals who make an online donation on a collection page will automatically receive a tax receipt, regardless of the amount of the donation. However, for cash or cheque donations, Leucan will only issue tax receipts for contributions of $20 or more, if the donation collection form is filled out correctly. 

If the donor receives something in return for his contribution, his tax receipt will correspond to the difference between his donation and the value of what he received. 

Please note: you must not make an online donation to count towards your thermometer the donations you receive in cash/cheque from other people. This would contravene the Income Tax Act, as you would receive a tax receipt in your name rather than in the name of your donors. Click here to find out more.

How do I send the funds to Leucan? 

If you have received donations on your online fundraising page, the money goes directly to Leucan.

If you have donations in the form of cheques or cash, keep track of the total, fill out the donation collection form and contact your Leucan advisor, who will explain how to forward the money collected.  

What can Leucan provide for my fundraising campaign? 

Leucan will support you throughtout the process, but is not responsible for your activity, event or fundraiser. Leucan cannot cover organization costs or obtain permits for your event, but your advisor remains available to answer all your questions and give you advice.

Leucan will also provide each day organizer with a kit containing promotional material, as well as digital tools to help with fundraising efforts.

If you would like to borrow additional Leucan equipment, such as freestanding banners, please contact your advisor to find out about availability. 

Do I need parental permission to organize a Leucan day if I am a minor? 

If you are 16 or under, parental consent is required to organize a Day for Leucan. If this is your case, fill out the form and contact your contact person.

Tips, tricks and best practices

The Leucan team is there to advise you throughout your fundraising campaign, right up to your Leucan Day. Our tips below will help you get off on the right foot!

Learn more about Leucan and its mission

Get to know the Association and the services it offers its member families, so you can better explain to your donors how their contributions will be used and answer any questions they may have. Every donation to Leucan, regardless of the amount, helps children with cancer and their families. It’s just a matter of being able to tell those around you! 

In summary, Leucan’s mission is fivefold: 

  • Fight Cancer and Improve Treatments
  • Comfort, Inform, and Guide
  • Alleviate Physical and Psychological Pain
  • Break Families out of their Isolation and Contribute to their Well-being
  • Provide financial assistance

Learn more on the What is Leucan? and The impact of your Day pages. 

Prioritize online donations 

Although it is possible to collect donations by cheque or cash, we recommend that you use your Day for Leucan fundraising page. By using the online platform, your donors will automatically receive their tax receipt, so you won’t have to fill out the donation collection form. In addition, the link to your collection page will be easier to share, and you won’t risk losing cheques or miscounting large sums of cash. 

If the format of your day requires the collection of cheques or cash (sale of a product or tickets, for example), make sure you comply with the Income Tax Act. It’s important to never make an online donation in this situation. This would contravene the Income Tax Act, as you would receive a tax receipt in your name rather than in the name of your donors. Click here to find out more.

Customize your fundraising page

Once you’re signed up, go to your fundraising page and familiarize yourself with the customization settings. It’s a good idea to add pictures and a short introduction. This way, people will know your story, what motivated you to create a Day for Leucan, and be more likely to contribute to your fundraiser.

Customize your team’s fundraising page

If you are the team leader for a collective Day for Leucan, you can also write an introduction and add pictures in your team’s profile page. Only the team leader has access to those settings.

Talk about your Day and get your entourage involved

Don’t hesitate to talk about your Day for Leucan in person, by email, or on social media. Explain your personal reasons for getting involved and share your fundraising goal to help potential donors understand why the cause is important and how their donation will have a direct impact. Don’t forget to specify that tax receipts are available for donors.

Social media

Share a link to your fundraising page on the social media you use actively, like Facebook or Instagram. To maximize engagement, use pictures or one of the visual elements created by Leucan (see the Tools section).

Send individual messages

Use e-mail, Facebook Messenger, or any other messaging system you use to send personal appeals to people around you. Please note that we created an email signature available in the Tools section.

Start your fundraising by making a donation yourself

You can, of course, make a donation with your own money to increase your fundraising for Leucan. It’s a great way to get the ball rolling and demonstrate your own commitment to potential donors.

Increase your fundraising goal

If you’ve reached your fundraising goal (congratulations!), increase it in your fundraising page settings. Let your donors know that, thanks to their generosity, you’ve reached your goal and have decided to increase it. This way, people who haven’t yet supported you will be encouraged to do so, so that you can reach your goal again.

Thank your donors

Make sure to thank the people who contributed to your fundraiser, to keep them updated on your campaign’s progress, and to share your final tally. A small token of appreciate can make a huge difference to your supporters, especially if you plan on organizing several Days for Leucan!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your advisor 

We understand that not everyone is familiar with fundraising. With the My Day for Leucan platform, you benefit from personalized support from a Leucan advisor. From the very first contact, they’ll be there to support you throughout your experience!  

Whether you have a question about tax receipts, how the online donation platform works or would like to know more about getting Leucan merchandise at your event, don’t hesitate to contact us!


My Day for Leucan Kit

If you wish, we’ll send you some material to celebrate your big day. In the kit, you’ll find stickers, balloons and tattoos with the Leucan logo, as well as a symbolic cheque on which you can write the amount you’ve raised to mark your achievement.

Digital tools

Several tools are available to help you promote your Day for Leucan to those around you. Click on the buttons below to download the files!

Customizable posters Images for social media Printable thermometer

Leucan equipment at your event

Leucan offers organizers the possibility of borrowing materials (posters, banners, tents, and more…) to decorate the site of your day with the Association’s famous ladybug.

Please contact your advisor to check availability.

Need help?

Whether it’s to answer your questions or give you tips on how to improve your fundraising, Leucan’s advisors will be delighted to help you.