By creating a Day for Leucan, you can support cancer-stricken children and their families with the activity of your choice.

Whether you team up with a group of friends or colleagues or decide to go it alone, Leucan will provide individual support throughout the process to help you to put together the fundraiser you envisioned. After all, it’s YOUR Day for Leucan. 

If you’d like to shave your head or go skiing to raise money for Leucan, check out the events organized by the Association.

Step 1: Define the scope of your fundraiser

To help us guide you through the process; first, you have to ask yourself the following questions to define the fundraiser you want to create:

  • Are you planning this event alone or with a private group of friends and/or family? 
  • Will the event be held in a school or organization?
  • How will you collect donations? 
  • What is your fundraising goal?

Need a little inspiration? Browse through a sample of successful campaigns.

Step 2: Sign up for My Day for Leucan

Now that you have defined the scope of your event, you have to register! Learn more about the types of fundraisers available.

Collect donations with the activity of your choice

Whether you’re on your own or in a group, organize a fundraiser that will make you happy and proud to support children with cancer.

Turn my birthday into a fundraiser

Swap your birthday gifts for donations in support of cancer-stricken children. By choosing the My Day for Leucan platform instead of other popular fundraising platforms, you will ensure that all money raised will benefit cancer-stricken children and their families directly.

Donate a part of your proceeds to Leucan

Were you already planning a fundraiser and would like to support cancer-stricken children? Donate a part of your proceeds to Leucan via the My Day for Leucan platform.

My Day for Leucan in my organization

Rally your colleagues around a Day for Leucan in support of cancer-stricken children. Forge relationships, build team spirit, and foster a culture of mutual aid in your organization while raising money for a good cause!

My Day for Leucan in my school

Organize a Day for Leucan in your school and rally students, their parents, teachers, school management, and all staff around a good cause: cancer-stricken children. It’s an excellent opportunity to instill civic awareness and mutual aid and impart a feeling of pride in students with a fun and unifying activity.

Step 3: Start collecting donations

Once your fundraising page is active, it’s time to collect donations! Leucan has prepared several tools to help you share your initiative with your friends and family, or on social media. Check out the tips and tricks in our guide for the perfect Day to help you with your fundraising efforts.

Step 4: My Day for Leucan

Your big day is here! Whether you’re hosting a hockey tournament, a spaghetti dinner, or a comedy show or simply decided to turn your birthday into a fundraiser, let’s finish it up in style! Make a final appeal for donations, thank your donors, unveil your final tally, and most of all: be proud of the support you’ve shown to cancer-stricken children. 

Need help?

Whether it’s to answer your questions or give you tips on how to improve your fundraising, Leucan’s advisors will be delighted to help you organize the perfect Day.