Are you a teacher or principal looking for educational and engaging ready-to-use projects for the school year?

By organizing a fundraising event using the My Day for Leucan platform, you can demonstrate your social commitment to parents and your community, and offer your students fun projects that will reinforce the sense of solidarity and empathy within your school.

Discover our ready-to-use campaigns, accompanied by easy-to-use tools that can be adapted to the reality of your classrooms.

Why raise funds for Leucan at school?

Organizing a Day for Leucan helps instill in students the values of compassion, social responsibility and civic engagement. In addition to engaging them around a common goal, you reinforce their sense of belonging to their school community.

Your initiative will also bring real support to Leucan’s children. The funds raised will be used to finance several of the Association’s essential services that provide concrete help to our member families, in addition to supporting clinical research. Your school or classroom will become a key player in improving the well-being of children with cancer.

What kind of fundraising activities are possible at school?

Let your creativity run wild: concerts, sports tournaments, art workshops, food sales and much more. The possibilities are endless! Every initiative, no matter how small, counts and helps make a difference in the lives of children with cancer. Click here to start your registration.

If you need inspiration, Leucan offers ready-to-use toolkits specially designed for students and schools to help you get involved.

These three ready-to-use campaigns provide you with all the material you need to easily and successfully organize fundraising activities for your group. From planning to implementation, our team is there to support you every step of the way.

Leucan Halloween Challenge (for elementary schools)

Our traditional Halloween Campaign is back with a brand new name: the Leucan Halloween Challenge! Since 1998, Leucan has been bringing elementary schools together to celebrate Halloween while supporting the cause of children with cancer. Our iconic event offers a fun and educational experience centered around this holiday beloved by children.

Leucan Reading Challenge

Encourage reading while raising funds for Leucan! Organize a Reading Challenge where students set themselves a target number of pages to read, while soliciting donations for Leucan from their friends and family. Whether it’s a novel, an album, a comic book or a newspaper article, read alone or with mom and dad, every page counts in the tracking grid!

Le Défi sportif Leucan

Mobilisez les élèves autour d’activités sportives amusantes et saines. Organisez un Défi de course ou d’autres activités physiques pour récolter des dons au profit de Leucan. Encouragez un mode de vie actif chez vos jeunes élèves tout en les sensibilisant au cancer pédiatrique et à la réalité des enfants de Leucan. 

How does it work exactly?

  1. Choose your activity, the Challenge period and the date of your Day for Leucan.
  2. Register
  3. Educate students about Leucan’s cause
  4. Do the chosen activity with your students
  5. Encourage students to collect donations
  6. Celebrate your fundraising success on your Day for Leucan!

Our advisors are available to support you and answer any questions you may have, before, during or after registration.


Participating schools could even win prizes by organizing a fundraiser for Leucan! Draws will be held among participating schools throughout the year.

Details and regulations to follow.

Any questions? Contact your Leucan resource person!

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