We are delighted to present our traditional Halloween Campaign under a brand new name: the Leucan Halloween Challenge!

Since 1998, Leucan has been bringing elementary schools together to celebrate Halloween while supporting the cause of children with cancer. Our iconic event offers a fun and educational experience centered around this holiday beloved by children.

What’s new in 2023?

To mark our 25th anniversary, the Leucan Halloween Challenge is introducing an exciting new formula. This year, participating schools will be able to embark on a series of exciting themed activities, while completing their passport to Halloween. Teachers will have the flexibility to plan these activities at their convenience, integrating them into their curriculum in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

If you wish to simply collect donations using the virtual fundraising page like in previous years, it is possible as well.

The five thematic activities of the Leucan Halloween Challenge are :

  • Halloween decoration (teacher’s choice): Unleash your students’ creativity to transform your classroom or school into a haunted place.
  • Quiz (templates provided by Leucan): Test your students’ knowledge of Halloween and help them discover facts about this mysterious holiday.
  • Writing/dictation activity (templates provided by Leucan): Exercise their writing skills by exploring Halloweenesque themes, or test their spelling with a fun dictation.
  • Halloween book or movie (teacher’s choice): Immerse your class in the Halloween atmosphere by reading a book or watching a film with a captivating plot.
  • Halloween Costume (October 31): The culmination of the Challenge – have your students don a costume and get ready for a memorable day.

Alongside these activities, students and committed school personnel will have the opportunity to solicit donations for their group’s virtual fundraising page, activated during registration. As in the past, Leucan will provide you with tools and advice to support you in your fundraising efforts.

By participating in the Leucan Halloween Challenge, students will also have the opportunity to learn more about Leucan and children with cancer. Teaching resources and awareness-raising materials will be made available to facilitate this important classroom discussion. This will help your students understand the importance of solidarity and compassion towards those who are facing the illness.

The Leucan 2023 Halloween Challenge is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Halloween while supporting an important cause. Join us in this fun and meaningful adventure, and help us mark our 25th anniversary in style.

Register now and get ready for an unforgettable Halloween season!