Support children with cancer, one sporting event at a time!

The Défi sportif Leucan is more than just a fundraiser. It’s an opportunity for schools and students to play a key role in the fight against pediatric cancer, while encouraging the practice of sports and the discovery of new passions. Whether you’re a class, a group of classes or an entire school, you can get involved in this inspiring adventure.

Whether you’re taking on a running challenge, immersing yourself in a variety of sporting activities, exploring exciting team games or discovering new sporting horizons, every event counts! The Défi sportif is flexible and adapts to your group’s reality.

A ready-to-use campaign

The Défi sportif Leucan is easy to organize, thanks to the My Day for Leucan platform. Supervised by their teacher or the school, students can set sports goals for themselves, then track their progress throughout the event. It’s a fun and motivating way to encourage an active lifestyle.

To make your participation even easier, Leucan provides you with a clear and intuitive tracking grid. In addition, we provide tools and advice to help you collect donations, so that every sporting event you undertake becomes another step towards the recovery and well-being of children with cancer.

Raising awareness for Leucan’s cause

By participating in the Leucan Sports Challenge, students also have the opportunity to discover the cause of Leucan and children with cancer. Teaching resources material will be made available to facilitate this important classroom discussion. This will help your students understand the importance of solidarity and compassion towards those who are fighting disease.

Join us in this adventure of sport and solidarity. Organize a Leucan Sports Challenge in your school or classroom and turn every sporting event into a precious gesture of support for children with cancer. You can make a significant difference and bring hope to families in need!